Bullard’s Basketball and Soccer players are preparing for new semester

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Bullard’s Basketball and Soccer players are preparing for new semester

Jacob Markus, Staff Writer

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The Basketball and Soccer teams are just in season at Bullard High School. I was able to get an interview with a Bullard High JV athlete Max Salazar.

Q: Why do you play Basketball?

A: “Because I’ve done it all my life and my parents want me to.”

Q: Is it a good way to make new friends?

A: “Yes, because you play with these people and develop a good team ethic.”

Q: Does the crowd affect you in any way?

A: “No, I just try to focus on the court.”

Q: What motivates you?

A: “My teammates, my coaches, my parents, and the people that watch the games.”

Clearly, he and many other players are passionate about the sport. Especially with the new season, these star athletes are working to the best of their ability to do the best they can in their team.

Another athlete, Caleb Meza, told us about the season and how the team has been doing recently. The Bullard team has been going 18-6 since the start of the season! That is incredible and this is accredited to the time of the coaches and the hard work ethic of the players. The players have an upcoming game at Edison, and considering both of the schools’ rivalries, stakes are very high for this one game.

Earlier it was mentioned that the crowds can affect players’ performance. I think it is our Bullard High right to go out to the games and support the athletes and give them the motivation to go out and play to the best of their abilities.

The JV soccer team had a great but rocky start compared to the basketball team, doing about 5-7. The soccer team recently competed against Edison. Although you can say it is not “fair” to publicize defeat, the Bullard High JV boys won, scoring 2-1 with crowd and coach’s support.

Sukhchain Hans, one of the athletes, says he is very motivated for this season, and he works hard to juggle his academic and athletic commitments. The players are always motivated and ready to take ‘dubs’, fueled by the students’ school spirit. Clearly, these players are ready and very motivated to play hard and work hard, and it falls back to the average Bullard High student to make these students proud enough of their school to go out and win games.

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