Bullard Boys Swim Team/CMAC Champs

Austin Peterson, Staff Writer

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On May 3rd and 5th the annual CMAC league championships for swim took place. This year, it was held at Madera High, and every school in the league came prepared to race.

The prelims were held on the 3rd. Prelims are the process in which the top eight swimmers compete to become finalists for the final meet, and then the next eight swimmers are entered in the consolation finals.

Every spot in the top 16 offers a certain amount of points. A team can win by obtaining the most total points from their swimmers. Bullard’s boys went all out in prelims and placed as high as they could. When finals came around, Bullard was already behind in points due to diving points. Sanger was in the lead with 60 points, and they were the biggest competition for our Bullard boys. 

The first race was the Medley Relay. Our boys team seeded first with a team consisting of Grant Holland (Backstroke), Aussi Kern (Breaststroke), Fabian Samano (Butterfly), and Austin Peterson (Freestyle). The team beat every one by almost five seconds and was just under a second away from the meet record.

In the next event, the 200 Freestyle, we had two swimmers finish in the top three: Jacob Coleman placing second and Tobin Williams placing third.

For the 200 IM, we had Aussi Kern finish in first and Grant Holland finishing in third. Austin Peterson finished third in the 50 Freestyle, Fabian Samano finished in second for the 100 fly, and Jacob Coleman finished in first in the 100 Freestyle.

For the 500 Freestyle, Bullard’s signature event, Kyle Patton took Gold, Austin Peterson took Silver, and Tobin Williams took Bronze.

Unfortunately, our 200 Free Relay team didn’t get a top three finish. They came in fourth, so they still got a good amount of points.

For the 100 Backstroke, Grant Holland came in first, Spencer Woodward finished second in the 100 Breaststroke, and for the final event our 400 Free Relay finished in second.

With all of these high placings, the swim team knew we were going have a good amount of points, but we were still worried because we knew Sanger would have a good amount of points as well, especially since they started out with the 60 dice points.

The meet announcer began announcing team scores starting from last place. Edison received third place. The suspense grew because it was only Bullard and Sanger left, and nobody knew who was going to win.

The announcer then said, “And in second place.. Sanger High School.”

That’s when our boys team knew we were CMAC champs and everyone started to scream and celebrate. Our team cheer had finally come true: “Hard Work Pays Off!”

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