The Battle Against the Clovis Cougars

India Zepeda and Hannah Christensen

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On Friday, August 31, Bullard High School’s football team marched into their 2nd game against Clovis High, but unfortunately it led to a loss to the cougars. It was a close game with a score of 17-14. Two touchdowns were scored on our side. With a loud and exciting student section, it was certainly a big aspect of the game.

The student section was enthusiastic throughout the entire game. They kept the energy until the last play. Even though the knights lost, the students encouraged them to fight through the game. The students showed school spirit by wearing their camo to hunt for the cougars. Students could agree that with the band, cheerleaders, and student section, our side of the field was exciting. 

As one of the assistant coaches on the varsity staff, Fred Zepeda said, “My mindset into going into the game is putting our players in the right position to be successful each and every play.”, “And try to out coach the other coaches by making adjustments on the fly and try to be a step ahead of the other staff.” Zepeda plans on improving as a coach by “Practicing being efficient in my preparation as much as possible.”, “I try and surround myself with extremely knowledgeable people.” Talking to students, parents, and fans, the game was very fun, and they had a great time. With our record of 0-2, hopefully our Bullard Knights can come up with a victory this season.

The Bullard High students wearing their camo to hunt for cougars.


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