A Kick Off to Spring Sports

India Zepeda, Copy Editor

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The season is changing, the days are getting longer, and that means it’s time for spring sports. From softball to swim to badminton, Bullard’s longest list of sports is in spring. However, most of these sports have started. Bullard is known to have pretty competitive sports. In the past, our school has seen success, or valley championships, in a few of our spring sports like baseball, softball, and boys’ volleyballHowever, it’s been some time since a valley championship was won. Some might say that we are in a championship drought. Will this be our year to break it? 


Talking to some students, softball and baseball can hopefully overcome this struggle we’re having. Baseball welcomed new coach Aaron Weimer as a nice change to get on the road to success. As of right now their record seems to be 2-6, however looking better than last season.” I like him, he’s a pretty good coach. Its nice to have a younger coach who can relate to us. I think we’re on a good path for this season.”, says Senior Asa Adams. On the girl’s side, softball is most likely going to be the one to bring it home. With their strong team, a mix of mainly juniors and sophomores, and the fact that there isn’t much competition as last season, softball definitely has a chance to go far. As for the other teams that haven’t started, we can only see what happens after they start.  


Students at Bullard can make a really big impact on whether a team performs or not. When students show up to games, make signs and posters, and are just there to support, it can really change the energy especially if its athletes supporting other athletes. So, you can help Bullard overcome this valley championship drought by helping them make it happen. From experience, a large, loud, and supportive crowd can really make or break a game. Aside from all the facts and stats, sports are meant to be fun and students can easily help athletes remember that. 

Spring Sports 

  • Baseball (V,JV,F) 
  • Softball (V,JV,F) 
  • Boys & Girls Track & Field (V & JV) 
  • Boys Golf (V & JV) 
  • Boys Tennis (V & JV) 
  • Girls Lacrosse (V) 
  • Boys Volleyball (V,JV,F) 
  • Boys and Girls Swimming & Diving (V & JV) 
  • Girls Badminton (V & JV) 

 Bullard’s varsity softball team gets ready for a preseason tournament game as they do this cheer before every game for good luck. 

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