The Road to Valleys

India Zepeda, Staff Reporter

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Softball season is coming to an end, but playoffs are here. With Bullard’s team finishing their league as champions, they advance to the playoffs. Getting here definitely wasn’t an easy process. In fact, it takes months to even prepare for the first game. To this team, nothing matters more than playoff season. 

This year’s team was expected to be and to do many things. They’ve had many bumps in the road along the way, but they’ve also experienced amazing growth as a team. It’s how they come together as a team in the end. Freshman catcher, Sarah Moite says: “A team is a bond of girls that go through tons together!”.  

Our softball team had to be one of the closest teams on campus- it’s more of a family. Sophomore infielder, Sariah Ayala thinks a team is “The energy the players provide. When you step foot onto the field at practice or at a game, you have to be all in ,100% talking and cheering your teammates on and keeping that same energy.” It’s that inclusive, warm attitude that allows a group of individuals to become a team. 

As for the game, the first playoff game was on Tuesday, May 7 at Bullard. They played against Frontier, with the win of 3-0. Next, they moved onto the quarterfinals to play against Clovis high, at Clovis. Clovis high has won valley championships two years in a row now, but it looks like this year wasn’t for them. With a score of 4-2 the Knights played a well fought game and got the victory.  The semifinal was played on May 14, at Bullard. The Knights played Paso Robles and got the win of 6-1. Now the Knights go to the Valley Championships on May 17!  






Editor’s Note : The lady Knights took on the Stockdale softball team on May 17th and gracefully fought a hard battle of 1-0, losing to Stockdale. Great job Lady Knights!                                                                                                   

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