“All in or All Out”

Isabella Caraveo and Donavon Martinez

Recently the national operating committee for standards and athletic equipment ( NOCSAE) declared that Antonio Brown’s Schutt Air Advantage helmet; that were made in the last ten years including the ones made in 2014 were declared unsafe in 2018. They gave all players a one year grace period to wear the helmet as long as they find a new helmet that was made in the last ten years and passes the leagues safety rules. Antonio Brown never got a new helmet, but instead petitioned to get the helmet re-certified. He lost his case and then threatened to sue the league if he gets hurt using a new helmet. Some reporters say it’s a comfort issue since he’s been using the same helmet since he started playing with the Steelers. Others say it’s an issue with his vision. Since it’s been reported how the new helmet affects his vision and he can’t see while wearing it. Antonio Brown wanted the helmet so bad that he even went as far as to post on his twitter and offered to give away a free signed practice helmet if someone could give him an Air Schutt Advantage helmet. The company that made them went out of business two years ago, so he had to ask around for one.  He even posted where he’d retire from the team if he didn’t get the helmet.


Later on he denied all accusations made against him about threatening to retire. The raiders now have reported to be fed up with this whole situation and gave him an ultimatum. They said “ he’s either all in or all out “. The raiders general manager Mike Mayock issued a statement saying “ At this point we’ve pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief. So from our perspective, it’s time for him to be all in or all out.” He was made to sit out the game against the cardinals and Mike Mayock says he hopes he’ll play for them soon. 


Just the other day Antonio Brown filed another grievance against the NFL saying how he never got the full one year grace period. The grace period was eliminated after last season. He ended up leaving camp over this issue. Later on for the game against the Cardinals Antonio Brown put on one of the regulation football helmets, but he wasn’t done fighting for what he believed in. Last Sunday Antonio Brown lost the second grievance he filed against the NFL. It’s been stated that he ended up being the biggest winner of all. According to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, Brown has decided that since his beloved Schutt Air Advantage is banned, he’s going to let a company make him a custom helmet and have them pay him to wear it. As a result of all the publicity he has multiple offers on the table from various different companies. All of them willing to pay him a quite of bit of money for wearing a helmet they designed. Rosenhaus said “ The helmet and the foot, all that is behind him now. He’s entirely focused on football and is ready to have another prototype Antonio Brown season. He’s going to flourish with Jon Gruden and Derek Carr. I’m very excited for him moving forward.” So turns out Antonio Brown chose to be all in with the Raiders, and play this season knowing he came out the biggest winner in this situation.