Coach “C”

Coach “C” has been a familiar face that many staff and students have known for years. His positive and motivational attitude has a dramatic affect on anyone who comes into contact with him. Coach “C” grew up in Dos Palos and attended Fresno City after high school. He also attended Tuskegee University and finished his degree in human services with a minor in psychology at University of Phoenix. Growing up, Coach “C” was inspired by many teachers to help him get on the right track. “…being a kid, getting in trouble, if it wasn’t for teachers, I wouldn’t have made it.”

Being able to help and guide students is very important to Coach “C” because, “you get to see the everyday struggles kids are going through” he stated. The impact he’s had throughout the years, has inspired many students from different schools throughout the district. The ability to communicate and understand kids so easily is something that not many people are gifted with.

He feels that we don’t know what kids are going through and only wants to make them happy. Coach C has also been known for his excellence in coaching football, working alongside Coach Arax for 4 years and counting, beforehand he was working at Glacier Point Middle School as a director of football and got the chance to work here, and with that has gotten many compliments on the impacts he has made.

The challenges he feels that were facing is that the kids should be more involved in the needs around the campus and give input in what goes on to make the school successful, especially with the incidents that have been going on here on campus that has been giving us bad reps, he claims. He also includes that students shouldn’t be punished for a mistake because “if we were all punished for every mistake we made, where would we be now?” His hero was always superheros growing up but now claims that his real superhero is his parents who have taught him how to be a man and got him into sports.