Fresno’s Boxing Champions


Luke Dosti and Angel Martinez

Jordan and Joziah Fuentes are two brothers from Fresno, California, and two of the best amateur boxers in the United States. Joziah is ranked 5th nationally at 108 pounds in the Youth Men division, and Jordan is ranked 3rd nationally at 110 pounds in the Junior Men division.  

The brothers were introduced to boxing in 2013 by their father Joey Fuentes. They displayed incredible talent at an early age and were soon signing up for fights against other junior boxers. Joziah has eight belts, including two national and five state titles. He credits his success in the ring to his quick footwork and fast reflexes, which help him overwhelm his opponents. Jordan trails his brother with six belts including two national and three state titles, relying on his powerful left hook to break down the opposition. The hard hitter cites his family as a driving force in his amateur career. “My family inspires me to be the best. I want to be better than everyone.”  

Competing at such a high level requires an immense amount of discipline from the brothers. They eat three specially prepared meals a day, carefully tracking their calorie intake to maintain their weight for their bouts. Joziah and Jordan often train five days a week, running miles every practice, spending hours hitting the pads to refine their form and technique. When they’re not in the gym honing their skills, the brothers spend time analyzing footage for their upcoming fights. “Being able to strategize against my opponent’s techniques helps me break down the challenges I face,” says Joziah. 

Joziah and Jordan competed in the most recent Junior Olympic Games and tested their mettle against some of the best boxers in the nation. The brothers are more motivated than ever by the experience, using it as inspiration to reach new heights in their boxing careers. “I want to go to the Olympics one day. Eventually, I want to go pro,” says Jordan.  

 “Hard work pays off. Put your mind to it, and you will achieve it,” the brothers advise. Joziah and Jordan have years ahead of them in the boxing world, and it will be exciting to see what they accomplish next.