The Domino Effect of One Man’s Abuse : R. Kelly

Debate about who is the true king of R&B has taken place on the internet. R. Kelly was crowned the king of this generation by R&B star Jacquees but was de-crowned by the people of Twitter. Since R. Kelly’s name has recently been thrown around media, multiple allegations have been made of misconduct with the many minors he worked with.  

In the six-part docuseries titled “Surviving R. Kelly” Former workers of Kelly and some women took a bold move to tell the story they have been in fear of telling all this time. Too many cases like R. Kelly’s take place. Power consolidated among men everywhere is being used to humiliate and degrade women who wish to go into certain industries.  

Women and their families have been paid to keep their silence and to protect the reputations of so many men in so many industries. People take actions to keep situations like these under the table. Often times, it leadto legal and or illegal actions.   

  1. Kelly has been in the media since this docuseries initially released. He was seen being partying in a club on his birthday despite being on trial in the very same city without a care in the world.His former manager surrendered to police on alleged murder threat. Former interns have come out with their stories as well.   

This is certainly not the first time where we’ve held a powerful celebrity under a large microscope for past behavior. From Bill Cosby to Brett Kavanaugh, the number of men who’ve been accused with some form of sexual misconduct is growing by the day.  Some come to no surprise with such misogynistic lyrics and ideas being sold everywhere anyways.  As conscientious as this generation is, it’s up to us to hold more people accountable without regard of whose reputation is ruined.  

Just recently Chris Brown was arrested in Paris on rape charge. From Hollywood to politics, many if not all industries feed males this toxic masculinity they often use as excuse to get away with such actions. “Boys will be boys”  “She was asking for it” and many others are some of the phrase used to validate these sorts of behavior.  

People must decide whether to separate the artist or political power’s work from the person they are behind the spotlight. 

 Personally, there is no separation. They are as good as their actions. Some sort of action should be taken until ALL perspectives have been considered. Whether that be taking their music off the radio to benching them from their position of power until we know what’s truly going on. 

Does it make you a bad person if you still support such people despite their actions? No, what you do in your private time, as long it doesn’t harm anyone else, it shouldn’t really reflect your politics. It’s truly a matter of conscience.