The Great Wall of Ego  

The Great Wall of Trump, but is it as big as his ego makes it???? 

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Is “the wall” a want or a need? Is it a necessary? Is it a National Emergency? Trump says it is but is it really? In my eyes no, the wall isn’t needed.  How do you conjure the idea of a border wall when there are real national emergencies such as the Flint Water crisis or the violence in Chicago, and not to mention; the 37 mass shootings that have occurred in this year alone.  Is there a problem with illegal immigration into this country? Yes, but a wall won’t solve that. People climb over walls, people dig under walls, people breach walls. To me, the wall isn’t a National Emergency nor is it needed. If anything’s a “National Emergency” or something that needs change it’s the way that we deal with illegal immigrants. 

The whole situation with the wall is nasty. The democrats are against the wall, the republicans are divided on whether the wall is worth it or not. 16 US states are suing Trump’s administration over the wall. The few states that are suing the president’s administration are California, New York, and Michigan, just to name a few. They say they’re suing because they want to block the president’s “misuse of power.”  

California attorney general Xavier Becerra says, “We’re suing President Trump to stop him from unilaterally robbing taxpayer funds lawfully set aside by Congress for the people of our states.” I remember not too long agoTrump said Mexico was paying for the wallnow he switches the narrative, saying American citizens will pay for the wall. Not only that but some American citizens are against the wall so why force them to pay for it. This goes back to my earlier statement about real national emergencies. Flint has no clean water, Chicago has been a war zone ever since I was in elementary school and high school kids are getting a hold of military assault rifles & killing their classmates. Those three things should TRUMP a border wall if you get what I’m saying.  

Illegal immigration is some people’s last resort, but illegal nonetheless. Still, Trump is wrong in his approach to the immigration problem and those who illegally immigrate to the U.S are wrong as well, but America is a country that was “made off the backs of illegal immigrants”. Both sides have good arguments, so much to the point where you don’t know who to side with. On one side you have the ‘This is our country and you can’t just come over here and take our jobs and create less space” argument and on the other you have the “You stole this land so it might as well belong to everybody” argument. Both sides are justifiable and both sides are not all at the same time. The next year is going to be an interesting one and although Trump may or may not get re-elected in 2020. Either way, we’re in for a ride folks. A long, long, long ride.