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Curry vs. LeBron: Who’s the Better Player?

Clayton Fox, Staff Writer

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The NBA playoffs are in full effect. Teams are being eliminated or advancing and now we’re in the last four. The awards also went out. The one award most people care about, the MVP, went to Warriors’ guard, Stephen Curry. Now why is this a big deal? It was unanimous; every single person who voted had Curry at number one. This hasn’t happened before. People still argue, however, that LeBron James is a better player. This is debatable.

Curry is younger than LeBron, playing six fewer seasons, but that makes Curry’s dominance even more impressive. Curry and LeBron play different positions but it’s basketball, most positions are similar. If we look at the shooting stats of this 2015-2016 season, it’s obvious which is the better player. Curry hit 402 3-pointers this season, an NBA record. That’s 116 more 3’s than the previous record, which Curry set the season before. That’s the equivalent to 103 home runs in baseball. No one has hit more than 73 in one season. Curry’s dominance is explainable. Curry’s defense has also improved. However, LeBron is a better defensive player, always near the top in the defensive stats.

Fans of LeBron will argue that he’s much better and been playing for longer. LeBron has made the playoffs 11 years straight. That’s a pretty impressive feat. LeBron has won the MVP award four times in five  years. which brings up the point that LeBron is out of his prime and Curry is in his. This probably has to do with LeBron’s age- he’s 31 while Curry is only 28.

We got our taste this season as the Warriors played the Cavaliers and beat them twice. Curry dropped 35 points on their second meeting compared to LeBron’s 16. In their first meeting, they were more equal, with LeBron edging Curry only by six points. We might get to see Curry and LeBron play each other again in the finals if the Warriors beat the Thunder and the Cavs beat the Raptors in the Conference Finals.

In the end, Curry is the better player. In the second game of the Western Conference Finals, Curry scored 15 points in two minutes. LeBron hasn’t come close to that. In the Western Conference Semis against the Trail Blazers, just coming back from injury, Curry dropped 17 points in overtime, an NBA record.  LeBron can’t compare.

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Curry vs. LeBron: Who’s the Better Player?