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Ms. Shinaver – New Teacher

Lucy Xiong and Olivia Luera

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Ms. Shinaver is excited to be teaching her first year here at Bullard. She teaches various music programs including Jazz, which is her primary focus. She hopes to inspire students to pursue music.

Q:”What do you teach?”

A:”At Bullard, I teach the Jazz band, piano class, and also doing after school Jazz band as well. I also teach beginning band; 5th and 6th grade at Star, Fig Garden, and Slater.”

Q:”How long have you been teaching?”

A: “This is my first official year of teaching, but I’ve been involved with marching band at Bullard since 2010 as a tech.”

Q:”Has it gotten easier to work with the students?”

A:”The familiarity is really nice and getting to know the students and then them knowing with me stepping in here with most of them knowing what I’m about has made some things a lot easier ,but with all the teaching things, it’s always different year to year  and it brings it’s own challenges.”

Q: “What made you decided to become a music teacher?”

A:” I really like sharing my knowledge of music and being able to explore things with students that are excited to learn.”

Q: “Where did you go to school to become a music teacher?”

A: “I did my bachelor in music ed. at Fresno State and then my master in trombone performance at the University of Montana.”

Q:”Why did you choose music?”

A:”In college, I started as a biology major and I was getting a lot of scholarships from the music department. That’s where all my friends that I was making was and I was having more fun working towards that than science.”

Q:”What instruments do you play?”

A: “Piano is my first instrument then I started playing trombone in 5th grade.”

Q: What’s your favorite type of music to listen to?”


Q:”How do you like Bullard so far?”

A:”Love it, it’s great.”

Q: “What’s different about Bullard than the others school you work at?”

A:”Well, I mean the obvious factor would be it’s high school and not being 5th and 6th grade. It’s nice because most of the kids are able to handle themselves although, there are quite some similarities between the 5th, 6th graders and high school students. Like the talking and how the students scattered around.”

Q: ‘What was your reaction when you knew you were going to work here?”

A:”I was very excited since I mainly wanted to teach Jazz so it was a good opportunity to do that, especially to do it here.”

Q:”Advise to a student who wants to become a music major?”

A:”Work hard, be nice and don’t look back.”





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