What does it take to be an American Princess?

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What does it take to be an American Princess?

Danielle Trujillo, Staff Writer

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When it comes to American princesses, we already have a few– former Hollywood actress Rita Hayworth, as well as Grace Kelly and many more.

The most recent American princess will be Meghan Markle after she marries Prince Harry on Saturday, May 19th at St.George’s Chapel at the Windsor Castle. Although she will be a princess, her royal name will not include “Princess” in her title– she will be the Duchess of Sussex.

Before she gets to walk down the aisle, there are a few things she will have to take care of first. Markle will have to be baptized at the Church of England and give up being an actress so that she can be a full time princess. In addition to these requirements, she will also be taking many classes at a princess academy, where she will learn all the duties and manners of a proper princess.

Some of the things Markle will have to learn include the correct way to sit, how to properly old a tea cup and silverware, how to greet people, how to curtsy, how to take interviews, how to exit a car, and even how to walk down stairs. Although these tasks may seem simply unimportant to learn, they are things she must know how to do.

Most people think that Meghan Markle isn’t fit for the position, even though she is trying her best and taking it upon herself to attend classes. Markle is very aware that she will be getting hate, but she will just turn the other cheek. Most think she won’t be fit for the job because she isn’t royalty and she doesn’t understand all the duties.

Markle’s parents are far from royalty; in fact, her mom is a yoga instructor and her dad is cinematographer.

Whether or not the public like it, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be getting married in May. They have been dating for more than a year now, and I personally cannot wait to see what the future may bring for the happy couple.

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