The Canine Flu: Check Your Dog

Alexis Virgen, Staff Writer

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The Canine Flu has found its way to the Central Valley from San Francisco. San Francisco has treated more than 50 cases and Pet Medical Clinic & Spa has treated its first case here in the Fresno area.

There’s no need to panic, as there are vaccines that can easily cure your dog. This vaccine comes in two rounds and is proven to work immensely. These two shots contain H3N2 and H3N8 of the virus. To receive this vaccine for your dog, your dog must be 7 weeks or older.

This flu is very contagious. It can easily be spread, so the best recommendation is to keep your pet away from other dogs. It can be spread from wearing the same collar, sneezing, barking, drinking from the same water bowl, etc. The symptoms include watery eyes, cough, loss of appetite, and/or fever.

There has never been a case of the Dog Flu in Fresno, so vaccines are very limited. Starting on February 7th, the SPCA, an animal center in Fresno, will offer the vaccine to everyone in need.

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