The Flu Epidemic Sweeps the Nation

Josh Ortiz, Staff Writer

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Recently, the Flu has become a growing nationwide issue. Bullard High’s nurse was able to provide a few tips on how to stay safe during this flu season.

Q: How is the Flu shot affecting people?

A: “The shot is only protecting about 30%, but this doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to get one. You need all the protection you can get.”

Q: Which age area is it affecting the most?

A: “It’s mostly affecting older people, but still affecting the young.”

Q: How is each year’s dose of Flu shots different from the last?

A: “The CDC has to guess each year because they never know how strong the virus is going to be the next year.”

Q: Do you have any  helpful tips on staying safe?

A: “Wash your hands at least a few times a day, and do not share anything like eating utensils or drinks.”

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