Counselor Appreciation Week

Alexis Mooksavanh, Staff Writer

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In the month of February, we are celebrating Counselor Appreciation Week throughout the nation for all school counselors and their hard work. They do so much for us and our future– from helping us with our personal problems, to getting us into the classes that best suit us, and even helping to get us into colleges. In honor of Counselor Appreciation Week, we got to know more about Bullard’s head counselor, Mrs. Whitney Godfirnon.

“I knew that I wanted to become a counselor or go into social work,” she said.

Both of her parents were teachers, so she thought of teaching, as well, but was eventually drawn to counseling.

“I’ve been a counselor for 18 years, but this is my fifth year at Bullard. As head counselor, I help organize many important items, such as college applications, and make sure that all of the other counselors are getting things done for our students. The things we do are vital to the success of all of our students,” she continued.

Mrs. Godfirnon says she doesn’t face too many difficulties, but it is still a challenging job for all of the counselors because of the heavy caseload. “Don’t forget we have an estimated 2300 students on this campus.” She says it takes a while to get to know students and to tailor our counseling to their particular needs. “And, perhaps the most challenging part of counseling,” she emphasized, “is trying to figure out how to support people in groups while simultaneously making sure that students get the extra push that they need.”

She says the best part of her job is watching students find success, whether it’s getting them into the college they want, helping them figure out how to bring their grades up, or being able to solve a personal problem. She also finds success in keeping track of graduates that inevitably keep in contact with her.

In her spare time to relieve stress, Mrs. Godfirnon spends her time traveling and staying away from social media.

“I try not to check my emails when I’m away from the school and on vacation. It helps me reflect on best practices that I expect all of the counselors to embrace and be proactive for our students.”


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