Black History Month: Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Julio Delgado and David Rocha

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50th Anniversary of MLK Assassination

50 years ago, civil rights icon, Martin Luther King, Jr., was murdered in Memphis, Tennessee as he continued his crusade against Jim Crow. As the nation struggles with a deep racial division, a new documentary honoring his work  toward a “more perfect union” is expected to be released in April.

To commemorate his historic life, Bullard’s librarian Danielle Baker sat down to describe his heroic work in an interview with the Charger. Baker said Dr. King’s dream is still a work in progress.


Q: Do you believe that, within time, Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream will still come true?

A: “Only if we can educate your generation and the younger generations [about] what the past was and what the next generation can do to learn a lot more new things that the last generation never knew.”

Q: Do you believe Dr. King’s dream has been acknowledged?

A: “I think so, at least I believe the majority have acknowledged his work. This is a new generation where all colors of students attend schools together and participate in integrated activities.”

Q: Do you still think there is a lot of racial tension still going on today?

A: “No, because I think everyone accepts everyone for who they are, and we have almost a totally integrated society.”

Q: Do you still have faith in Dr. King’s dream?

A: “Yes, because the American Dream is Dr. King’s dream. It is embedded in the Deceleration of Independence that assures all Americans the right to be free and to pursue their God given talents.”

Q: What kind of judgement did Martin Luther King Jr. endure during the turbulent civil rights movement of the 60’s?

A: “Many people today still face hatred and criticism, just as Martin Luther King Jr. did in his years of fighting for what he believed in. Dr. King was considered by the FBI to be one of the most dangerous men in America. He faced severe resistance from the government and other powerful people and entities. Today, we hail him as a hero and even have a holiday to celebrate his work. Sadly, he was assassinated 50 years ago this year.”

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