Getting to Know Mr. Boggs

Julio Delgado, Staff Writer

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Mr. Casey Boggs is a music teacher here at Bullard. He teaches hundreds of students to make new music everyday.

Mr. Boggs teaches his students how people can come together to appreciate the love of music and how his students can create something really special for the audience to love and enjoy.

He has been a music teacher for his first full year in 2018. He graduated and earned his teaching credentials 2 years ago.

He loves his students and really cares about their understanding of what good quality music is and how to perform in concerts at Downtown Fresno, football games, and rallies in schools. He teaches his students to love music, but he also teaches them how to stay calm and not be nervous in big places where they can perform.

Mr. Casey Boggs cares for the love of music and loves teaching others to learn how to play music.

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Julio Delgado is a junior at Bullard who loves to play basketball with his friends. His goal for this year is to pass geometry in Ms. Klassen's class....

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