Starbucks to close for Racial-Bias Training

Alexis Virgen, Staff Writer

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Be careful while walking into Starbucks, whoever you are! Recently, a video went viral after a Starbucks employee had called the police on two African-American men that were sitting in the coffee shop, not ordering, but waiting to meet with a friend.

Along with many customers who only sit and study, the two men had not ordered, which triggered an employee to invite officers to the scene.

In an interview with a Starbucks employee, we found out some useful information. On May 29th, more than 8,000 Starbucks stores in the U.S. will be closing to conduct a racial bias training to help avoid racial incidents and keep these situations from happening again.

The company plans on making a difference in these types of occurrences. One of the main goals for Starbucks is to have every one of their customers feel welcomed and safe.

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