A Celebration of High Scores at Bullard High School

Joshua Ortiz and Julio Delgado

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The Fresno Unified School District has been struggling to improve student test scores. District experts administer two Interim Tests each year to determine if students are testing on grade level and to let teachers also know what standards have been mastered and which ones need to be retaught. Only about one-half of students in the district score proficient and/or advanced on the English Language Arts test.

To his pleasant surprise, one of Mr. Austin Lemay’s ninth grade ELA classes scored amazingly well on the Interim Test I. Mr. Lemay teaches five courses of freshman English and he was thrilled at how his 2nd period class scored. Seventy-five percent of his students scored proficient and advanced.

“I was very proud when I saw the results,” he commented. “Far too often, a lot of teachers and students, and pretty much anybody that has any investment in the education community, have issues in the way things are with testing.”

The average performance of the nation’s fourth to eighth grade students most likely held steady in math and reading in 2015 to 2017. The average students scored proficiently. In reading, about thirty-seven percent of fourth grade students and thirty-six percent of eighth-graders scored proficiently. However, in math, 40 percent of fourth grade students and 33 percent of eight grade students hit a threshold.

Mr. Austin Lemay teaches ninth grade English. Mr. Lemay’s second period class scored 75 percent in his class. He believes that when it comes to testing, it’s important because it helps you prepare yourself for the future whether if it’s going to college or finding a job. At the end of the day that will be what the colleges look at.

Many students have either a 3.05 GPA or above, even though some students play sports and are in Athletic Academics or in Leaderships. Mr. Lemay knows there’s a lot of pitfalls in standardized testing and education as well. Many students want to go to college, but the CST plays a significant role in becoming a lawyer, doctor, or a teacher in the future. There are many different tests to take in order to pursue your career of interest.

For the first time in Mr. Lemay’s class, they’ve scored a high score on the district test.

“Everybody has room for improvement and teachers are included,” he said. Mr. Lemay thinks that standardized testing can be planned out to help it become better and more prepared for.

We also talked to two of Mr. Lemay’s students, Varuzhan and Mellory, and asked them what their goals are regarding studying and testing. They seemed to share the same thoughts on how studying is a major factor in getting a good score on the test. They also seem to stress out on studying and when it comes to it.

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