Bullard Parking Lots: North vs South

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If you are a student driver who attends Bullard, you understand the frustration that comes with parking in the North parking lot. Not only is it packed and a struggle to find a spot, but if you’re running late, it is especially hectic because of parents dropping off their students.

Most seniors, juniors, sophomores, and even teachers park in the north lot, while the south parking lot remains open for staff only.

In the north parking lot, there is a designated parking area for Bullard staff. However, some staff still park in non-staff spots to be closer to their class while students that have their class on the south side of Bullard have to walk all the way across campus, since students aren’t allowed to park in any other lot besides the north lot.

The parking spots are so limited that some students even park in the NO PARKING area because there are no other open spots to park in, while the staff spots are sometimes empty. The Palm parking lot, as well as the south lot, is staff-only, but there are still plenty of open spots within those areas. Student drivers still have trouble finding a place to park, whether it’s in the north lot or off campus, because every spot is always filled.

The Charger wanted to compare the North and South lots on capacity.

As the pictures show, the south lot has much more room for students to park than the north. The lots have yellow-painted spaces with the word STAFF on it, but as students received REMIND text messages from the school, they found out on February 6th that all of the lots besides the north lot are off limits.

Even though the south lot is off limits, some students have to park there because there are additional spots that are open. We had the opportunity to see how many open spots there are in the south lot compared to the north lot, and it came to zero open spots in the north lot and 108 open spaces in the south lot.

While the south lot remains less packed, the north lot has endured multiple crashes because of how hectic it is after school, especially since there isn’t anyone directing traffic. Everyone just wants to leave and get home, so it causes a lot of back up which result in accidents.

Bullard sophomore Allyson Reyes tweeted about an accident that occurred in the north parking lot. Student drivers understand the frustration and we wish there could be a solution.

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