Welcome Counselors!

Alina Veliz, Author

This school year, Bullard welcomes the newest members on campus; Dayna Clark, Cesar Heras, and Vanessa Russell. Last week we got to sit down with each individual counselor and ask them a few questions.

We first began with 28-year-old Cesar Heras. Mr. Heras is from a small town near Santa Cruz called Watsonville. He’s a first generation student who enjoys music and playing in bands. Throughout the end of his high school years, his older brother inspired the idea of being a counselor. He attended UCSB and finished his M.S. here at Fresno State. Working with students brings him “personal joy and satisfaction to help out.” He applied at Fresno Unified shortly after college and decided to stay in town. Mr. Heras really enjoys our campus, staff, and students. Coming to work for him isn’t dreadful, Mr. Heras enjoys his job and wants to help any student in need

We then met up with Dayna Clark, she is from Fresno and graduated from Edison High School. She is a wife and soon to be mother. Mrs.Clark got her bachelor’s degree from UCLA where she was a student athlete, her first master’s degree from USF, and her second master’s degree from Fresno State. Originally, Mrs. Clark was going to work in sports but then decided to switch and work in counseling. She interned under her academic counselor from UCLA shortly after. Last year Mrs.Clark worked at Project Access which, “is a program within Fresno Unified that supports fostered, homeless, unaccompanied students…” Before that she was an academic counselor at Fresno State. Mrs.Clark does not find her job difficult but believes it requires a certain type of personality, understanding, and organization. She loves coming to work to offer any kind of assistance to our students on campus.

Finally, we got to interview 27-year-old Vanessa Russell. She’s from Fresno and graduated from Bullard in 2010. Ms. Russell received her bachelor’s degree from UC Irvine and received her master’s from Fresno State. In school she did track, cross country and is a huge dog lover. Throughout college, Ms. Russell always tried internships to determine if she wanted to go into a career. After some changes, Ms. Russell became a substitute teacher than learned about the counseling world. “I liked the idea a lot better because it’s more one on one with students… and I liked going above and beyond the academics, working with students to help them with their future goals.” She has always gotten along with kids and wants to do everything she can to help them succeed. 

The new counselors seem seem very ambitious working at Bullard. The attitude, and the vibe they give off can easily be seen how they’re excited to be sitting in the chair they’re in. We hope to keep seeing our new staff for many years to come.