No More Hair Discrimination(CROWN Act)


Tyler Meade

        Every day you see people wearing ethnic hair-dos whether it be in school, stores, restaurants, or businesses. Believe it or not, some people are actually scared to wear their hair naturally for the fear of being judged in a negative way. Some say they feel uncomfortable with their natural look and having to change its appearance in order to “fit in with the mainstream crowd” is a daily thing.

        I interviewed two of my classmates Harmoni Henry and Shaunte Gilkey. Harmoni Henry is a freshmen here at Bullard and has very curly natural hair that she does in many different styles. As of now she has braids but she previously wore her hair in buns and ponytails. She personally has not be discriminated against for her hair, however she has witnessed it happening to someone else. One day she was sitting in class and there was a girl with a big pony tail sitting in the front with two boys behind her. They told her to take it down or do something to get it out of their way. Harmoni believes hair discrimination is an issue, but it could be worse.

        The next person I interviewed had a personal, first hand experience with hair discrimination. Senior, Shaunte Gilkey said that she was forced to attend an all white school to pursue her softball career. She wanted to fit in as any student would, however she had puffy hair. Puffy hair was out of the norm and wasn’t like anyone else’s there. Shaunte got to the point where she started flat ironing her hair everyday just so it would be straight like all the white people. She believes it has gotten better as she has gotten more comfortable and gained more confidence as she got  older, and that your hair can really make a bold statement.

The CROWN Act has now been created to put an end to this discrimination, starting with the state of California who passed it on June 27,2019 and officially signed into law on July 3,2019. This act was made to stop discrimination against people of color or people with naturally ethnic hair. People are being discriminated in the workforce, schools, and every day life or this. CROWN stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural hair.” It has now become a law in New York and is being introduced to New Jersey. There is a petition that you can digitally sign to support this act on