Bullard Cheerleader Loses TRO Against Slatic


Yazmine Garcia, Malcolm Smith, and Amaya Garcia

    A temporary restraining order, filed by a Bullard cheerleader, has failed. A Fresno Superior Court has decided that School Board Member, Terry Slatic, did not threaten violence, or harass the cheerleader as she claimed in her complaint.  

     The student says she felt Slatic was “condescending, rude and intimidating,” as she stated in an interview with the Fresno Bee. She then filed a restraining order against Slatic based on the incident during summer that haled to an attempt to recall him. 

    Although the recall attempt has gotten closer, Slatic says he has not paid much attention to all the fuss and he doesn’t plan on responding to the petition.  

    “I can continue to do my job 50 hours a week exactly the way I’ve been doing it for the past ten months,” Slatic said in a recent interview with the Bullard Charger.   

    With this petition, members of “Recall Slatic” seem to have an uphill battle since they are still working to get the paperwork approved to officially remove Slatic from office.  

    In a previous interview with “Recall Slatic” organizer, Stacy Williams,  explained that her main concern was the overall safety of our students, teachers and staff. Although Williams does not live in Slatic’s voting district she says she will not stop until he is finally removed from office for good. 

    But, Slatic claims he has been receiving a lot of support from local businesses and constituents in his voting district and many are expected to come forward and show their support for him.  

     Slatic does not believe the Recall effort can get the necessary 7500 verified signatures required to remove him, but if it does, he believes it may be time for him to step down.