Slatic Recall Begins!


Yazmine Garcia

Now that Super Tuesday is over, Stacy Williams says she will be stepping up the campaign effort to remove Bullard School Board Member, Terry Slatic 

It’s a process that a lot of people give up on, but we did not give up and now we are officially approved and gathering signatures,” Williams said in an interview with the Bullard Charger about a month ago.  

“Overall, I think we’re doing pretty well. A lot of people didn’t think we were going to get this far, even just getting the petition written and approved was a lengthy process,” she said. “We have lots of petitions currently going around.” 

Williams is spearheading the campaign to Recall Terry Slatic and was recently seen soliciting signatures from parents waiting to pick up their kids in front of Bullard High School. The same place where all the drama started to push the recall in motion.  

An incident involving a student, another involving a coach, and the alleged mishandling of the infamous “blackface”/ cheerleader drama were all named by Williams as  reasons to replace Slatic 

“He doesn’t seem very engaged and I think that’s because he’s outed himself,” the 1994 Bullard High graduate asserted. “He just doesn’t seem to work well with the other board members.”  

Williams said old racial wounds continue to persist at Bullard High School and all school board members need to be sensitive to the plight of minority students who are now the majority demographic at the once white dominated school. 

“Strong leadership” is essential according to the community activist.  “It has just created a climate that minorities should be treated differently, and we want to be sure that younger people have a voice even if they can’t vote.”  

The committee to recall Slatic needs to collect an estimated total of 7,500 valid signatures, by mid- May, in order to place the recall issue into the fall ballot. If successful, voters will once again be asked if they want Slatic to continue to serve as their Trustee in Area 7. 

Slatic told the Charger in a previous interview that he will not fight the recall.  

“If they want to recall me, then so be it,” he said.