Bullard Blood Drive

Azela Ramos, Emily Rodriguez

On February 24th, hundreds of Bullard students donated blood in order to save thousands of lives. At least one pint of blood was taken from each student at the drive, at least 200 pints total. After blood was taken from each student, they were provided with food and water. The food and water helped students from being nauseous and dizzy, but a day’s rest is still recommended after donating blood. While giving blood can be unsettling, the blood drive workers made sure the students giving blood were comfortable and relaxed, and made sure the students knew they were safe.

Bullard has been sponsoring the blood drive for 15 years, and they accept blood of any type as long as it meets their standards. The drive is a from a non-profit organization that donates the blood to the local hospitals. While Fresno supplies a good amount of blood, we aren’t the only place the blood drive goes to, as they also appear in Kingsburg and Madera. Our school lets juniors and seniors donate blood, with a parent or guardian’s permission required for minors.

While the efforts of Bullard and the blood drive have saved many lives, our local hospitals could always use more blood. Don’t forget to donate blood next year, and encourage people you know to donate too!