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Red ribbon week

October 31, 2014

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Red ribbon week

Red Ribbon Week is about being drug free and having fun, but do we really know why we do it? Red Ribbon Week is important to all kids and adults, especially adults who want their children to stay safe at all times.

Enrigue “Kiki” Camerena grew up in a rough neighborhood and was constantly surrounded by drug use. After living through this he wanted to make a difference so he became a Marine and then a police officer, which eventually lead to him joining the DEA(Drug Enforcement Agency.)

Through his job, Camerena went undercover in Mexico to investigate a major drug cartel. On February 7th, 1985 Camerna was approached by 5 men and shoved into a car. His body was found a month later in a shallow grave!

Duncan Hunter, who was Camarena’s congressman, started raising awareness for drug abuse and was the original founder of red ribbon week, his original audience was Adults but it has now reached children. He did this for Camerna to show people that what he was fighting for was a worthy cause!

So while we are all out having fun and wearing our ribbons, take a minute to think about what those ribbons really mean.

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