Tricks nutritionists use to get teens to eat better

Getting teens to eat healthy is a real struggle. Some teens know what their supposed eat that is healthy, but others on the other hand do want to eat healthy. all they want to eat is chips, candy, fast food, pizza and other non expensive junk food. It is a struggle for nutritionists to get teens to eat their nutrition’s.

It may be a little more expensive, but that doesn’t mean you need to just let your teens eat horribly. So nutritionists have found tricks to make them eat healthier. Teens can think of how the junk food is affecting them, like their skin may break out, their stomachs could hurt, and gain more weight. Teens tend to eat better when they hear about it with someone outside the family. some parents tell their teens to eat at least a good amount of veggies before they leave the table. “Adding flavor boosters like toasted nuts, a sprinkle of cheese, herbs, and seasoning, and salad dressing to help kick things up a notch.” It is a fact that if they are tired all the time, eating healthy might help them feel less tired and have more energy. Having healthy food in the kitchen will also help teens. Their are healthy restaurants that serve healthy food which is trendy now, so parents could take them out to eat their.Image result for healthy food