A Win Doesn’t Define A Successful Season

Isabella Caraveo, Sports reporter/ editor

The Bullard High School Varsity Boys Basketball Team had a great season this year. At the end of February, the team played Clovis East at Selland Arena for the Valley Championships. Coach Tim Ammunsen’s team has worked very hard this season to get there. They gave this season their all and even though they weren’t triumphant qualifying was a success within itself.  


The loss, however,  came as a heartache to the seniors on the team, but younger players maintained hope for next season. Freshman Center Cameron Schneider,  and Sophomore Point Guard Tyric Herod said the team was not at its best that night.


“We’ll be back,” Herod exclaimed, sitting next to Schneider as both players reflected on the outcome of the game. 


The Clovis East Timberwolves have not won Valleys since 2010, but their “ hot hand “ was just too much for Bullard to compete with. They were on fire since the first quarter, and it paid off. William Wiggins, the coach’s son led Clovis East to victory with 14 points. The team had a goal of getting 15 3-pointers and even though they fell short of that goal, they still took the Valley Championship D1 Boys Basketball title. Clovis East coach Adrian Wiggins said in a statement “it’s what our skill sets are, and I was really proud of them tonight. They found their open teammates and knocked them down”, as the Timberwolves beat the Knights 80-55.


Schneider and Herod were remorseful and believe the team is capable of more than what they put forth that night, but they do believe the team had a good, and successful season.  


The highlight of the season wasn’t playing at Valley’s but in fact was the game and crowd at the playoff game in Bakersfield. 


Schneider and Herod said “it was the best game of the season,  because the crowd was so much louder and excited when they won than anyone was during the entire Championship game”.


 Herod has high hopes for the next basketball season saying they will make it to and win states with a “ solid team”. 


Coach Ammunsen believes that they will as well saying “ it’s a lesson, and we will be back next year “.