2020-21 Yearbooks


Bryson Beck

Yearbooks for the 2020-2021 school year are on sale now for $65 on Yearbook Order Center! Mrs. Ramos and the 34-student yearbook team have been hard at work to make this publication possible. “We are doing our best to work on the yearbook while having class online and have recently submitted a cover design to be finalized by our yearbook rep. Honestly, I’d be lost without our yearbook rep, Kelly. He’s been a great help as I adjust to my first year as yearbook adviser amid a pandemic.” Said Mrs. Ramos.

The yearbook will feature students in online classes and activities. Students will have a chance to be featured in the yearbook through two methods. Surveys are being sent out to gather content for the yearbook, as well as photo submissions through the Herff Jones eShare website and app on the App Store and Google Play Store.

 Ads and Dedication pages are available for purchase until March 29th with prices based on size. Name plates are also available until January 23rd. Yearbook prices will be increasing over time. After October 31, the price increases to $75. After February 26, the price will increase again to $90.