A Bullard Sports Overview

Ciann Roman

The year 2020 has been nothing short of chaotic, but Bullard is doing its best to keep everything safe and within COVID-19 guidelines. The BHS sports that are practicing right now are: Football, cheer, volleyball, water polo, lacrosse, badminton, and cross country. Each sport has been following strict guidelines on how they can practice and interact with one another. These rules include: remaining within pods of 14-16 people only; wear a mask at all times; no sharing of water bottles, food, etc.; after the use of any school equipment it must be sanitized.

Dates for sports practices that have not yet started are posted on the Bullard website. There are concerns of sports not returning due to lack of revenue from fundraisers. Athletic Director Brandon Gilbert stated that this is nothing to be worried about. Bullard has a sports budget that is distributed to each sport to keep them going, and fundraisers are mainly for each individual sport’s team to have their own extra activities.

There have also been many questions from fans of Bullard’s sport’s teams asking whether people will be able to go to the games. As of right now there are no official games allowed for any sport, but when they return there will be some rules that will need to be followed. Besides the basic COVID-19 rules there will be a limit to the number of people allowed into a game.

The staff of the Bullard Charger would like to extend special thank you to Mr. Gilbert, along with the school staff who are working very hard to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. Mr. Gilbert stated, “We are doing everything in our power, the principal and I, to make sure everyone is safe. The district is continuing to give us their information on what we can and can’t do for practices according to the health code. Just know that we want to be back out on the field as soon as possible, so hang in there, Bullard Athletes.”