Senior Sunrise


Xitlalic Villanueva

Senior sunrise is an annual event hosted by schools to welcome seniors into their last year of high school. During this event, students come to school to watch the sunrise with their friends and have a good time. It is a great opportunity to sit back and take it all in, as well as take pictures to remember your high school days. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the class of 2021 had a very different senior sunrise.

According to Leadership student Leslie Villanueva, “It was difficult to find a way to make an event where it would be safe amidst this pandemic but also memorable”. On September 18, 2020 Leadership hosted their first ever drive through senior sunrise event. One of the seniors who attended stated, “It wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be, but I love that there were signs we could drive under and that the cheerleaders were trying to brighten the mood!” Leadership put up huge posters with the words “Welcome to your senior year” for students to drive under, while the cheerleaders shouted and waved their pompoms at the cars as they passed along the drive through route.

 Seniors were given their senior sunrise shirts to remember the event and received a donut while entering the north parking lot. They also received a useful informational packet for the purchase of graduation caps and gowns. This style of event enabled students like Krit Pasricha to choose a few friends to ride with to senior sunrise. Krit stated, “Riding with friends to this event made it more fun and memorable. Thank you to all those who put senior sunrise together.” Although it’s not what the seniors had envisioned for their last years of high school, everyone did their best to make it a day to remember.