To Halloween or Not to Halloween


Riley Ehrenberg

This Halloween is going to be different than any we have ever had before. With Covid-19 still a pressing issue in the United States and the Central Valley of California, celebrating Halloween will be limited. Big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and many others have already taken the precaution of not allowing trick-or-treating this year. I think this is a great idea: No trick-or-treating or big Halloween parties this year.

In Fresno, places like Hobb’s Grove will be open and trick-or-treating will be allowed, but I don’t recommend participating in these activities or anything like them. Many people in our city and country have not taken this virus seriously. I think Halloween would be a good time for those people to show maturity and show they understand how big of a deal this virus is. I think hanging out in any big group this Halloween shows that you do not care about your health or the health of others. Not being able to celebrate Halloween the way you want isn’t ideal, but a global pandemic matters more than your party.

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, there are still some pandemic-friendly ways to celebrate it. I think the most obvious alternative is hanging out with a small group of friends, getting some pizza and watching some Halloween or horror movies like Corpse Bride, Coraline or Scream. Doing other festive activities like dressing up or carving pumpkins could be fun as well as allowing you and those around you to stay safe.

If the question is “Do I celebrate Halloween how I normally would, or do I change it up this year?” I say the answer would be to change it up. To keep yourself and others safe and to help stop the spread of this Covid-19, the smartest idea is to not celebrate Halloween in any large groups or participate in activities that involves close contact. Why would you risk people’s health and making this virus worse when there are other alternative ways to have fun? When celebrating Halloween this year, please remember to social distance, wash your hands, wear your mask and stay safe. Happy Halloween!