Virtual Club Rush 2020

Eden Freeman

This academic year is unlike any we have experienced, and distanced learning has certainly put a damper on many school activities. We have seen many of our traditions become watered down or completely dissolved due to social distancing. Despite this, Bullard High is offering many extracurriculars students can participate in, even in this online atmosphere. September 25th was Bullard High’s Virtual Club Rush, which displayed all the clubs that are available for students to join.  

There is a total of twenty-eight clubs, with a wide range of interests for every student. Bullard Knights can participate in clubs ranging from STEM focus, community service, humanities, cultural appreciation, and so much more. These clubs are meeting all online, using the apps Remind, Zoom, Teams, and more. To learn more about these clubs, you can find specific meeting and club details on the “Virtual Club Rush 20-21” video on the Knights in the Know YouTube channel. You can also look through the PDF below.

Although clubs may run a bit differently this year, it is still very important to get involved. Macyn Topoozian, senior and president of the Drive club, says that “It is important to be in extracurriculars in high school because they help teach you responsibility” and “you can make friendships with people you never even knew that last a lifetime.” Joining clubs allows you to meet new people, diversify your interests as well as grow the ones you already have, and can even help you get into college. Sign up for one today.


Virtual Club Rush PDF