At The Net With Volleyball


Hunter Covish

Sports are going through changes because of the Coronavirus. Precautions to make a safe environment for athletes and coaches is at the forefront of FUSD decision making. The BHS boys’ volleyball team looks to have an exceptionally good season this year despite the Covid protocols.

Bryson Beck, varsity team captain, stated, “As a team we are all doing our best to remain socially distanced and safe. Up until drills start during practices, all players must be wearing masks and try to stay 6 feet apart throughout the warmup. Before and after practices all players wash their hands and decontaminate all equipment.” Pods of 14 boys and 2 coaches are allowed into the gym. These pods do not change, so contact tracing is possible. Bryson replied, “This has caused a problem for us when it comes to distributing players between pods based on their positions and skill levels. As a team, we are constantly adapting to these difficulties and continuing to practice hard.” Before players enter the gym, they are required to take a wellness survey. If the athlete is not experiencing any Covid symptoms, then they are allowed in the gym. Even though the conditions are not perfect for the players, they exist to make sure everyone is safe.  

The first match for boys’ volleyball is scheduled for December. How games are going to be played is still in question, but it is likely that all athletes and coaches will be put through a health assessment prior to matches. There have been no directives on spectator attendance for BHS sports games. The girls’ volleyball season will run concurrently with boys’ volleyball. Scheduling of all BHS sports games has been difficult especially with so many teams playing in the same season. Nonetheless, the number one priority of Bullard High School is to ensure the safety of the athletes while also doing everything possible to make a sports season happen this year.