2020 Election


As America drew closer and closer to the 2020 election date, thousands of Fresno residents crowded their local voting stations to play their part in American history. To keep polling sites running smoothly some BHS seniors decided to volunteer at their local voting stations.  

Bullard Seniors Sofia Valencia and Xitlalic Villanueva-Cruz were two such volunteers, assisting in the democratic process by counting ballots, checking in voters, and leading voters to polling booths. “I decided to work the polls as I felt it was my civic duty, since I’m not able to vote and there’s so much at stake this year,” says Valencia. The 2020 elections’ impacts will be felt in America for decades to come. 

 Xitlalic Villanueva-Cruz stated, “I learned from being an election worker that Americans really value their right to vote. Voters come into the election polls looking really prideful and excited to be able to vote for who they believe would be a great leader in the US.” She further stated, “I also learned that no matter how small your vote seems and how small we think the impact of voting makes it actually makes a huge impact and I learned that every vote counts.”  

Ms. Villanueva-Cruz shared a highlight from her time as a poll worker, “Fresno county will do anything to make voting accessible for everyone. For example there was an older lady who would not walk or get out of her car to come vote in our center so my coordinator went outside to the car, got her name and birthday ran back inside to find her on our computer and we got her all checked in, then we printed that ballot for her and she was able to vote right from her car. I think this is awesome because this way nobody is left out of voting.”