Back To School


Tabitha Andrews

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, in order to reopen schools safely there are several things that must occur to ensure students and staff are safe and comfortable. These things include, continuously cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, washing hands, desks 3-6 feet apart, fewer students and staff in the classrooms, teachers moving classrooms (not students), lunches at desks, use of outdoor space when possible, masks for all students, and the flexibility to go virtual if the virus surges.


In a recent interview with FUSD Superintendent Bob Nelson he said, “This is a lot more complex than people understand; we can’t just throw the doors open.”  He then stated, “We will begin returning our students of high needs [homeless, foster, trauma] to the school’s first. This does not mean teachers will be returning to school to teach class, rather it means providing a place where those students would be better set up for success.”  Superintendent Nelson has insight on the situation as it continually changes daily due to the numbers of Covid infected residents in Fresno county. When asked about whether students would be required to bring their computers to school with them, so that each student had their own device, Nelson stated, “Technology will never be out of the kids and teachers hands again.” According to Superintend Nelson, High Schools in FUSD will not be returning everyone to campuses full time this semester.