BHS Theater


Xitlalic Villanueva

The BHS theater department has been greatly impacted by the pandemic. In person performances have been a challenge for those in plays and musicals. Theatre classes are being done virtually through video calls with the theatre teacher, Mr.Gonzalez. Advanced theatre classes are currently rehearsing “12 Days of Christmas” with students as writers, directors, designers and more. This extravaganza will be their final exam and is expected to happen on Thursday December 10th through December 12th. Specific formats and times will be announced soon.

 Feast of Fools performances this year will be Little Women: The Musical and Come Blow Your Horn which have been rehearsing through Zoom for over a month. The improv team and Dislocated Fools have also been rehearsing through Zoom. Performance formats are all subject to change as we move up COVID tiers. Mr. Gonzalez hopes to be able to at least have his performances in the Bullard quad for students, teachers, and the public to see.

COVID-19 has brought many challenges for those in theatre according to Mr. Gonzalez, mainly in the group collaboration aspects of the class. Students work in breakout rooms online to rehearse scenes for the performances, but it is difficult for students to get a sense of rehearsal and body memory. A cast member of Little Women:The Musical stated, “It’s hard not to do staging and movement during rehearsing, but it’s still possible to rehearse without it.”

If given the opportunity to return, Mr. Gonzalez ensures that everyone will be safe, and many protocols will be in place including sanitization materials, wearing masks at all times, and working in small pods of people. Sadly, the musical cast will not be able to rehearse any singing parts of the musical until it is deemed to be safe. Even then, singing will be done in a socially distanced environment. The sharing of props, costumes, etc. will not take place to ensure the safety of students. All surfaces will be sanitized and cleaned before, after, and during all performances with the help of crew members. Alternatives to romantic and dance scenes will be seen in these performances so come out and see what they come up with.

All auditions for this season are already completed but auditions for the 2021-2022 improv team will be late April/early May of 2021. To keep updated, follow the Bullard theater department through Instagram @bhs_feastoffools.  Updates on performance dates, times, zoom links for streaming, ticket info, and fun rehearsal photos are posted frequently.