Bullard Music


Ciann Roman

            Distance learning created a difficult task for Bullard High School’s teachers. There is a struggle to connect to the Wi-Fi, getting the students to interact in class, and making the lessons understandable online; nevertheless, Bullard’s music classes interact every day for lessons and performances.

            Each music class at Bullard has a different way of teaching the fundamentals to the students, but each class uses an online program to successfully create their performances. The program is called smart music. It has a plethora of pre-installed sheet music that the students can read and play from. When the students are assigned a piece to perform, they will each create a recording of their part and submit that to the teacher. The teacher can then take students’ recordings and combine them so that they sound like a collective orchestra. This process is very new for the students and teachers, so it may take a while to figure out all the bugs and glitches. Overall, the Bullard music programs are working hard to make music for everyone to enjoy.