Polar Express Review

Polar Express Review

Hunter Covish

The Polar Express, directed by Robert Zemeckis, was debuted on November 10th, 2004 and to this day is a masterpiece. The Polar Express shows how friendship and bravery exhibits the true spirit of Christmas. This movie is my favorite Christmas movie to date. It is filled with adventure, sadness, courage, and coming together as friends. This is not an average Christmas movie; it is full of gross coal-tenders and creepy elves, but all of that adds to the excitement. The Polar Express is about a boy who wakes up one Christmas eve night to see a train outside his house. This train is going to take him all the way to the North Pole to see Santa Clause. The main character is starting to lose his Christmas spirt which is why the train stopped at his house in the first place. Not only the main character, but every kid on the train is having those same feelings towards Christmas. The conductor leads the way for them to get back that childhood view of Santa; and finally, Santa in the flesh proves himself to be real. The movie argues that challenges will test a person’s faith, but if they do not endure then they will truly never believe. The director uses a Hobo as a tester. This Hobo does not believe in the spirt of Christmas and is always testing the main characters faith. The main character is the only person who sees the hobo, and he learns how to overcome that obstacle. The movie is filled with challenges that not only he, but all the other passengers, must endure.

The sounds used in the movie are so well produced that at some points I got chills. In the beginning when the main character is “sleeping”, a train could be heard from a long distance away. This train soon starts getting closer and closer. The items in his room are rumbling and rumbling and the train keeps getting louder. This whole scene was so powerful. The score of the film also added suspense,  A boy named Billy was debating on getting onto the train and when he decided that he wanted to go on, the train was moving. He had to run as fast as he could to get onto the train and the music being played was so powerful that it made the scene that much more dramatic. Not only the score, but the soundtrack was great as well. With songs such as Hot Chocolate and When Christmas Comes to Town, they bring such an immense joy to the film.

There are three main characters, Hero Boy, Hero Girl, and Billy, all grow throughout the film. Billy is very shy. He has few friends and is always alone. On the adventure he ends up meeting a couple friends and with that he becomes more confident in himself. The girl grows a lot as a leader. She was always looking out for others and always put others over herself. She learns what it means to be a leader and from that she grew as a person. The main boy started to have a strong belief in the spirit of Christmas. He started to genuinely believe that Santa was real because he got to meet him. He also learned the true value of Christmas. This movie was so close to perfect. There were some petty things such as the ticket being flown out the window for an excessive amount of time, but it did not bother me. With all the excitement and adventure, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the duration of the film.

This movie shows how these children change from all the different experiences that they had being on the Polar Express. Through challenges from losing the train ticket to flying down ice with no train tracks, this film was a full fun adventure throughout. Overall, this is my favorite Christmas movie, and I would give it a 4/5 Gingerbread Men.