Operation Christmas Drop


Hunter Covish

It seems like every week a new Netflix Original Christmas movie is being pushed out onto our recommended section. The problem is that most of these movies often lead to a big disappointment. Many of these movies are just turning into those cheesy Hallmark movies that your mom would force you to watch when you were little. However, with every cheesy Christmas movie, sometimes the bad ones can still make you feel good. “Operation Christmas Drop”, directed by Martin Wood, gives us a fun romantic comedy that will probably not win an Oscar, but it will give viewers a fun, feel good, experience.

With the beautiful beaches of Guam and the cute relationship between the main two characters, Erica Miller (Kat Graham) and Capt. Andrew Jantz (Alexander Ludwig), the movie gives the perfect holiday getaway. Erica is a Washington aide who is burying family issues in order to peruse her carrier goals. Andrew is a kind man in the Air Force who is putting humanitarian projects over personal relationships. The mean congresswoman Angie has been appointed the head of Base Realignment and Closure commission and she is being forced to make some budget cuts. She learns that Andersen Air Force Base is not essential for military action, so it gets put at the top of her list. This base oversees the Operation Christmas Drop. The title is a real military mission and has been an annual Christmas tradition since 1952. The U.S. Air Force flies large crates full of goods and they are given to communities in Micronesia. Angie does not want to cancel Christmas herself, so she sends Erica to the island to observe its activities. Andrew is there to try and persuade her that the drop is helping the communities all around them.

This movie is filled with clichés and tropes and it struggles with putting its own version of those ideas. Lots of the “funny” moments are very predictable and there is not a lot of substance within them. However, looking past all the things that makes the movie not great, there is a fun story behind it. Andrew and Erica play off each other very well throughout the film. This allows for a strong connection with the audience and the characters. Even if they say cheesy lines or jokes, the connection between them is still there. There is a very powerful scene near the end of the film in which Erica explains everything that she did to save the Christmas drop. The film ends with the two main characters standing in the middle of the street kissing, while a sweet song plays in the background. Yes, this movie is not great, but it will make your heart feel good after watching. So even though I would rate it 2/5 gingerbread man, the movie is still definitely worth a watch.