Last Minute Christmas Gifts


Bryson Beck

We have all been there. Christmas is 2 days away, shipping times are long, and that perfect gift is still missing from beneath the tree. Luckily, there is no need to panic. Here are some of the best last-minute Christmas gifts.

Winter is the perfect time to cuddle up with a fluffy new stuffed animal. You can find large stuffed animals at almost any Walmart or Target. I personally recommend looking at CVS for their supersized teddy bears or going by Walgreens to pick up a trendy Squishmallow. You might even grab a cozy blanket to match on the way out.

Board games are a quick gift that can be fun for the whole family on Christmas day. At almost any store with a toys section, a wide selection of board games can be found. Whether you choose a classic board game such as “Sorry!” or a card game like “UNO”, everyone will be excited to break in their new gift with a few games.

If you are looking for a DIY gift to be made from home, custom snow globes or a specialized coupon book are sure to please. To make your own snow globe you will need: an empty jar, glitter, water, glue, and a little bit of creativity. A full guide to making snow globes can be found here. All you need for a coupon book is flash cards and a bit of elbow grease. Offers to do various chores around the house or simpler things like “one free hug” will be greatly appreciated. More ideas for coupons can be found here.

If all else fails and you are left on Christmas day with nothing to show, stop at a local convenience store on your way to the family gathering to purchase some lottery scratchers. Even if they don’t win the jackpot, they will at least have fun scratching off those numbers in anticipation. Now get out there and go find that perfect gift!