Bullard at CART

Bullard at CART

Riley Ehrenberg

Many students at Bullard are part of a program called CART. CART is a program that combines academics with technical design process and critical thinking skills. 

CART offers four “career clusters” to students: Professional Sciences, Engineering, Advanced Communications and Global Economics. In each “cluster” there are career-specific laboratories, in these laboratories students work on different projects based on what career they chose. Students who do CART also receive academic credit for advanced English, science, math and technology. 

One of the laboratories CART offers is a psychology lab. In this lab students explore how the human mind works both psychologically and chemically. They also learn more about their own minds and human behavior. A student in CART’s psychology program this year said, “CART can be a lot of work, but you learn a lot of interesting things too.” This lab is great if you find these topics interesting or if you are contemplating going into psychology in the future, but you want to explore it more first. 

Another lab CART offers is engineering, in this lab students find solutions to real world mechanical engineering problems. In this lab students get the chances to work individually and in groups of various sizes, they learn many engineering tools, skills and practices that bring engineering designs into the physical world. A student in CART’s engineering lab said, “We’ve done a lot of 3D modeling this year and I’ve found that really interesting.” This lab includes 3D printing as well as many other things like programming and coding which are all necessary skills if you are interested in engineering. 

CART offers many other labs too, so if hands-on, advanced courses interest you, consider checking them out. CART applications are closed for this year, but they will be reopening December 1, 2021-February 11, 2022. If you are an 11th or 12th grader interested in CART, check out their website, linked below, to find more.