Bullard Hosts Virtual Art Show


Yoongi Romero

Quarantine has limited many people from achieving their passions this past year, making creativity come out in short bursts, not staying for long. However, Mrs. Vargas’ multimedia classes didn’t let that stop them from providing a way to make students stuck in lockdown feel appreciated for their talents and hard work.

A virtual art show is available for anyone to preview. Many students in multimedia worked for many weeks to create a photo gallery to represent their time during quarantine, allowing them freedom of expression. The photography exhibit began February 17th to February 19th and will be run through the entire month of March.

 This virtual art show was not only a way for students to be able to put their creativity out into the world but for other students and parents to view their art and show that we are all going through a rough time and you are not alone.

This art exhibit will be available at the link bit.ly/bullardartshow.