Technology and Personal Connections


Xitlalic Villanueva

People don’t sit and converse with a friend while eating lunch anymore. This is the reality of our society. When people started using smart phones in the early 2000’s, interpersonal communication diminished. We prefer to snapchat someone instead of visiting them, or text someone instead of calling them. It’s ruining close connections with those around us. Social media and technology are ruining our communications skills and the one most important thing: human connection.   

People depend on technology to be able to have a conversation with someone. Conversations in person show your facial expression and tone, unlike over text. I once reconnected with a childhood friend through Instagram. We began talking often and had great conversations. I arranged to meet up with them, but this person could not communicate with me the way they did over text. It’s like they were a different person. This is exactly what happens when technology comes into play and ruins those communication skills we should all have.  

We are meant to have good connections with family and friends, but due to technology we are missing amazing moments with them. Instead of having fun on a hike, we are more attentive to wanting to capture the perfect picture. What about enjoying the moment instead? You’re losing precious time and a chance to strengthen a connection with someone. You will sit down one day and realize that you have wasted time worrying about trying to capture the moment instead of enjoying the moment. 

 Some say that technology has let us meet new people and share moments with loved ones who live faraway, but we are more concentrated on having a virtual connection with someone than bonding with those who are there for us.  When something goes wrong who’s going to be there for you? Your friend living across the state? No. It’s going to be that loved one who you are neglecting.  

 Technology is ruining our communications skills and personal connections. We need to start putting our phones down and enjoying our lives. We miss so many moments because we are stuck on our phones. Before we know it, we won’t know how to talk to those we love. So put your technology down and bond with those around you.