Returning To School


Ciann Roman

The time has finally arrived Bullard Knights. Students are getting an opportunity to return to school! It has been a rough 2020-2021 school year; Students and Teachers have not been able to connect due to distance learning. Social outings with friends became something that no one could do, and getting out of the house to a grocery store became a luxury. As of now, Fresno Unified made the decision to let students return after spring break, but there are still conditions put into place for the social distancing guidelines.

In person classes will be working on a hybrid schedule. This means that the school will be split into a Group A of students and Group B. Group A will come to school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Group B will come on Thursday and Friday. While Group A does in-person learning Group B will do Online and vice versa on the days that Group B is in class. Another difference is that only Freshman and Seniors will return on the 6th of April while everyone will return on the 13th of April. The other rules that will apply to every class and student is to wear a mask and remain 6ft. apart at all times. Fresno Unified hopes for a smooth transition, but it will be up to the students’ and teachers’ cooperation to make this possible