New School Year Rules and Regulations

Judith Boyadjian

So far this school year has been filled with many warm welcomes and joy, but to maintain this environment and protect staff and student’s well-being, some protocols have been put in place. These protocols include a mask mandate and new rules regarding student seating charts.

               Before the school year began Principal Alvarado informed students about the mask mandate. This mandate requires students to always have their mask on during school hours, an exception to this rule is eating/drinking which allows one to temporarily remove it. You may also remove your mask in outdoor areas, although to do this you must be distanced from large abundances of people to reduce the chances of catching or spreading Covid-19.

               Another regulation that has been put in place is the new seating chart. A required seating chart in all classrooms is to make finding students that may have been infected with the virus easy to track. According to Principal Johnny Alvarado, if they can track a student’s physical footprint from a seating chart, they can quarantine them and the people they have interacted with for a 10-day period to protect the safety of all classes and participants. In addition to health protocols, it is enforced that everyone should take the FUSD-Self-Health Screening Tool regularly to check in with their well-being. This tool is available at for those who are interested.

              Furthermore, to ensure safe practices Bullard is required that only three areas of the campus are used for drop-off and pick-up only. The preferred locations include the North parking lot off Browning Avenue, the Palm circle drive, and the South entrance off Browning