Bullard’s New Schedule


Riley Ehrenberg

                The start of a new school year has brought many changes to Bullard High School, including a new schedule. Some find this schedule frustrating and confusing, while others see it as a chance to be more productive at school.

            The schedule has changed in more ways than one. An extra thirty minutes has been added to the school day, along with two block days on Wednesdays and Thursdays, a late start on Mondays, a shorter lunch and changes in the class meeting schedule. The extra thirty minutes have been added in order to “make up for last year’s learning loss.” This extended school day is only required for the first semester and may be lifted when school resumes in the spring. Dr. Alvarado stated that, “the union is requiring schools to have 30 minute lunches”, but according to the FTA lunch has been shortened because “administration is worried they will be unable to manage students”.

            People have many different opinions regarding the new schedule. Some love it and think it will benefit students, while others dislike it, and some see both negatives and positives. “Block schedule allows for my students to have more class time, and it allows for activities that would not be possible in shorter periods,” says Ms. Grandi, and she isn’t the only teacher who thinks this. Mr. Oliver later expressed a similar opinion stating, “Blocks are good for kids, don’t get it twisted!” Other teachers understand the schedule but think Bullard could have eased into the schedule more gradually, “The schedule has made things more complicated, especially with starting the new year.” explains Mr. Fisher. Five different schedules in the first full week back was a lot for both teachers and students. There are also many people who don’t like the schedule at all. Zitlaly A, a senior at Bullard expressed their dislike for the new schedule saying, “I wish more time had been added to lunch because of the longer days. It’s hard to sit in a classroom for so long.” This opinion is shared amongst many students, some also found it difficult to sit through the longer periods on block days.