New Faces: Mrs. Hamilton’s Journey to Bullard

Saige Wibbles, Cassandra Beltran, Rainbow Brooks, Staff writer

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Mrs. Hamilton had a sudden thought one day to email Bullard high school’s principal asking if there was an opening for a new teacher. She thought what’s the harm in asking if they don’t they don’t and if they do then that’s great. She wanted to work at this Bullard because she always thought it was the best school around. After, several days of waiting Mrs. Hamilton had gotten an email back with great news. The email said they had an opening for a math teacher.  


Before working at Bullard Mrs. Hamilton had gone to UC Merced a university where she got the experience to teach. It’s her first-year teaching and what’s better yet she’s teaching at Bullard. She already loves it here and everyone that works and learns here. She loves Bullard and even better loves working here.  


The most common way a student losses interest in a lesson is the fact they always think they’ll never use the skills they’ve learned ever again once they graduate and start living a life outside of school. Mrs. Hamilton instead of letting them think that she tries to relate every lesson back to reality, so her students can understand why there learning about this lesson. The way she keeps her students paying attention to her lesson is by making it fun and relating to real life. Because of how nice and welcoming all the staff members and students are at Bullard. Mrs. Hamilton plans on staying and working at Bullard for a long time. 

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