How I Deal With My Depression Daily

Lauren Fernandez, Staff Reporter

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Depression is a common experience that some people deal with including students at our High School.  Everything is challenging when you’re experiencing mental health issues. Going to School, talking with friends, even rolling out of bed in the morning. But there are solutions to help and improve your quality of life. 

Having this illness is draining emotionally, which makes the process of overcoming it difficult. According to “Coping with Depression requires action” although it’s challenging. A first step could be taking the negativity out of your life. Regarding your situation, you have the power of what you feel. Step out of the negative space, take a breath, and find the main points that’s causing you to feel down. Once you have, the next step would be taking it out of your mind. The process is laborious but the reward of feeling happy, free, and peaceful is worth it. 

Another crucial thing would be creating a support system of your own. For some, talking to family or a friend could help bring a sense of relief. For others talking to a counselor or therapist can be essential. Our High School also provides a social emotional support system for those who can’t talk to anyone outside of school. If you’re interested, please go to student services and fill out a paper request. It will then be submitted, and you’ll be able to talk with one of the councilors. 

However, the most crucial step in getting past a depressive episode wouldn’t be reliability on others but reliability on yourself. Gaining a strong mindset may seem impossible but is achievable. Putting yourself first is a major part of the healing process not just with depression but just a way of protecting yourself physically or mentally. Once you make yourself a main priority in your own life, you’ll recognize that your mood will lift. Everyone is different and may see improvement at different times. 

Never assume that depression will go away immediately. It’s a process that takes time. In that process you’ll learn a lot about yourself including things that you never knew before. 

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